The Changing Scenery

June 13, 2018Uncategorized

By Sherri Dugger Dugger Family Farm “So many friends and family … they want to come here, hang out, bring kids, eat the food … but really have no clue what it takes to make it happen.” So began a Sunday morning text message from a friend who runs a family farm very similar to … Read More

EQIP: A Win-Win Situation

May 7, 2018Uncategorized

By Nate Brownlee Nightfall Farm Here at Nightfall Farm, Liz and I are committed to farm in ways that conserve our natural resources, having rooted our business in the model of the triple bottom line—environmental, social and financial. When I think back to the first season of our farm, I recall the immense differences we … Read More

A New Day for Indiana Farmers Union

January 24, 2018Blog, From the Field, Uncategorized

By Sherri Dugger “There is power in numbers.” It was a simple concept. It was cliché. It was also the truth, and it was the only way I knew to explain to 25 female farmers how Indiana Farmers Union and National Farmers Union worked. “I believe in transparency, and I believe in truth,” I went … Read More