Local Farmers Need Your Help … Now

May 17, 2018Blog, From the Field

By Sherri Dugger Media and Outreach Director, Indiana Farmers Union All conversations in my world revolve around the 2018 Farm Bill these days. The bill, known as H.R. 2, is the largest of its kind that involves American food and farming systems, and it is currently being cut apart, pieced back, spit-shined, smoothed, waxed, and polished, … Read More

Farming and Basketball

April 24, 2018Beginning Farmers, Blog, From the Field

By Lisa Everhart Myers Demeter Farm So, all my flattering words and waxing poetic toward Mother Nature in last month’s blog did not do a bit of good in encouraging her to warm things up. I might even go so far as to say they just plain annoyed her, judging from the eight inches of … Read More

The Most Powerful Farming Tool of All

April 2, 2018Beginning Farmers, From the Field

By Liz Brownlee, Nightfall Farm My farming tools change constantly. Today, I’ll need a pitchfork to muck out the laying hens’ winter stall in the barn. Tomorrow, I’ll open my laptop to email CSA members a reminder about pickup this Saturday. Wednesday, our first meat chicks of the year arrive; I’ll use my hands to … Read More

Paralysis by Analysis

March 18, 2018Beginning Farmers, From the Field

By Lisa Everhart Myers, Demeter Farm I am currently in a state of, what I will call, “information-induced paralysis.” What, you may ask, does this highly technical term mean? Is it life-threatening? Painful? Let me explain. Information-induced paralysis is a condition that occurs when one needs to make some sort of big decision so said person … Read More

A Woman’s Work on the Farm

March 15, 2018Beginning Farmers, From the Field

By Sherri Dugger This is the blog I wanted to write last week. March 8 was International Women’s Day, and I began the day thinking I would write a little something about women’s work on the farm. Then I got to doing all my other work and never found time to write. Today, I will … Read More

A Blank Canvas

February 10, 2018From the Field

By Lisa Everhart Myers Demeter Farm We moved to the country because I wanted to see the sky again. Okay, it was a little more complicated than that, but, at the heart of it, I really just wanted to see the sky again. From our screened-in porch in Broad Ripple, an urban neighborhood on the … Read More

Learning to Farm

February 4, 2018Beginning Farmers, From the Field

By Liz Brownlee Nightfall Farm My husband, Nate, knew one thing as a high schooler: he would never, ever work as a farmer. His high school summer job was on a grain farm near Franklin, Indiana, and while his bosses treated him well, the work was not, in his opinion, the most fun or rewarding. … Read More

A New Day for Indiana Farmers Union

January 24, 2018Blog, From the Field, Uncategorized

By Sherri Dugger “There is power in numbers.” It was a simple concept. It was cliché. It was also the truth, and it was the only way I knew to explain to 25 female farmers how Indiana Farmers Union and National Farmers Union worked. “I believe in transparency, and I believe in truth,” I went … Read More