Earth Day: Agriculture is an Essential Part of the Climate Solution

April 22, 2019Blog

By Hannah Packman, NFU Communications Coordinator On the 49th annual celebration of Earth Day, National Farmers Union (NFU) is highlighting the existential threat that climate change poses to American agriculture as well as the critical role of farmers and ranchers in mitigation and adaptation efforts. “Climate change is the single greatest challenge facing family farmers, … Read More

Celebrating National Ag Day: Farm Families Essential to America’s Food System, Rural Economies, Natural Resources

March 14, 2019Blog

Family farm agriculture has for centuries been the lifeblood of America’s food system, and its continued success is essential in order for our country to have vibrant rural communities and pristine shared natural resources. As the country celebrates National Ag Day today, National Farmers Union (NFU) joined the food and agriculture community by highlighting the … Read More

NFU’s Success Built on 117 Years of Grassroots Policy Development

February 25, 2019Blog

By Aaron Shier, NFU Government Relations Representative Part of what makes National Farmers Union (NFU) a successful and credible political organization is its grassroots structure. NFU’s policy-setting procedure is completely driven by the organization’s ~200,000 farmer and rancher members, and the results directly guide our advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. The policy process begins each … Read More

The Best-Laid Plans

February 14, 2019Beginning Farmers

By Nate Brownlee, Nightfall Farm If this was a more traditional marriage, our fifth anniversary would call for a gift of wood. I really like wood: I love trees. I enjoy cutting the firewood that we heat the house with, and I think wood is a beautiful medium for art, crafts, furniture, etc. But I don’t … Read More

The Farm Safety Net and the 2018 Farm Bill

February 11, 2019Blog

By Matt Perdue, NFU Director of Government Relations No topic overshadowed the 2018 Farm Bill process more than the state of the farm economy. After a nearly 50 percent drop in net farm income, the majority of farms in the country are operating on negative margins. This financial stress left National Farmers Union’s (NFU) members … Read More

Environmental Sustainability in the 2018 Farm Bill

January 16, 2019Blog

By Matt Perdue, NFU Government Relations Director Environmental sustainability is critical for the future of family farming and ranching and for the health of our rural communities. As concerns over water quality, soil health and the wide-ranging effects of climate-change mount, incentives-based conservation programs are more important now than ever.   The 2018 Farm Bill maintains … Read More

Social Feast and Famine

January 14, 2019Beginning Farmers, From the Field

By Liz Brownlee, Nightfall Farm Twenty-seven board games. Six hikes. Seven fantastic guests (some stayed for days; others just for a meal). Three campfires here at the farm. Two evenings out shooting pool. One movie night. We were lucky enough to do all of this with friends, farmer friends, and family in the last two … Read More

Diverse Market Opportunities and the 2018 Farm Bill

January 8, 2019Blog

By Aaron Shier, NFU Government Relations Representative Though traditional commodity markets remain a large source of revenue, the market for locally or regionally produced food, value-added products, and organic agriculture are becoming increasingly important for farmers. Why are diverse market opportunities so important? Local and regional marketplaces, with their shorter supply chains, can help farmers … Read More

Bring the Donuts

December 20, 2018Beginning Farmers, From the Field, Women Farmers Weekly

By Liz Brownlee, Nightfall Farm “Maybe just bring some donuts for us to share?” That was, roughly, Nate’s response to an email recently. A woman graduating from our alma mater is managing an urban farm next year, and she’d heard we were farming nearby. She emailed to ask if she could visit our farm to … Read More

What Do Farmers Need to Know About Climate Change? Noble Research Institute’s Environmental Services Markets Plan 

December 19, 2018Climate Column

By Tom Driscoll, Director of NFU Foundation and Conservation Policy While farmers have profound respect for the land and natural resources, the farm economy does not always adequately align profitability and stewardship. However, we are growing in our understanding of farmers’ ability to help address climate change and other environmental challenges through production and conservation practices. Noble Research Institute (NRI) is currently working to advance ecosystem service markets (ESM) specifically … Read More