RogerJohnson By Roger Johnson, president, National Farmers Union

NFU ‘s strength, as a federation of member states, relies largely on the activism, energy and commitment of its members, who are engaged in all aspects of policy making. Three Farmers Union states are observing their 100th year anniversary in 2015, and should all be commended for a century of outstanding activism and organizing to fight for family farmers and ranchers.

These three states – Montana, Iowa and South Dakota – have been fighting the good fight on behalf of family farmers and ranchers for a full century, and they are part of the reason why Farmers Union has enjoyed so many public policy successes nationally.

These states now join eight other Farmers Union states that have hit the centurion mark, having been first founded over 100 years ago. These states are Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Rocky Mountain and Texas.

NFU represents over 200,000 family farmers and ranchers in 33 states across the nation, advocating for the economic and social well being of family farmers through education, cooperation and legislation. And since our founding in 1902, NFU has advocated for the economic and social well being and quality of life of family farmers and their communities by supporting the sustainable production of food, fuel and fiber.

The longevity of the Farmers Union organizations in Montana, Iowa and South Dakota – as well as the other centurion states, is only possible because of the unwavering commitment of their members. We hope that the energy and enthusiasm these states have shown is contagious.

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