WASHINGTON – Today, after months of work from National Farmers Union (NFU), Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU), PIRG, and Right to Repair advocates around the country, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed into law the Consumer Right to Repair Agricultural Equipment Act (HB 23-1011). This law will give farmers and ranchers in the state of Colorado the ability to repair their own equipment.

“This is a huge win for farmers and ranchers in Colorado and across the country,” said NFU President Rob Larew. “NFU has been pushing on Right to Repair issues for years and seeing a bill like this cross the finish line is a testament to the persistence of our members and the need for this issue to be addressed nationally.” 

Passage of HB 23-1011 makes Colorado the first state to pass an agricultural right to repair bill into law. The bill will serve as a model for legislation in other states and at the federal level as elected officials seek to codify the Right to Repair.

Major farm equipment manufacturers have been refusing to make the software tools necessary to repair modern tractors, combines, and other farm equipment fully available to farmers and independent mechanics. This leaves farmers no choice but to take their broken equipment to licensed dealerships, which has led to repair delays and inflated repair costs.

Right to Repair is a key issue in NFU’s Fairness for Farmers campaign, which aims to build fairer and more competitive agricultural markets, and to address the monopoly crisis in agriculture.

NFU President Rob Larew added, “Farmers Union members have spoken out time and again that the lack of repair options is hurting their bottom line. I want to thank Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and PIRG for their strong partnership to secure the Right to Repair in Colorado.” 

Passage of HB 23-1011 marks the beginning of ensuring farmers’ fair and affordable repair access. NFU will continue to fight alongside partners and advocates to secure the Right to Repair for all consumers.

An audio version of President Larew’s quote can be found here.

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