WASHINGTON – Today, National Farmers Union (NFU) released the updated Farmer’s Share of the food dollar for items typically served during the Thanksgiving holiday. These figures reflect how much family farmers earn compared to the amount consumers pay at the grocery store. 

As consumers empty their carts onto the checkout lines at their local grocery stores and supermarkets this year, they’re likely to see increased costs for certain goods. To make matters worse, little of that increase is being passed on to America’s family farmers and ranchers. Multiple waves of mergers and acquisitions during the last several decades have resulted in agriculture and food supply chains that are uncompetitive and fragile, but also underpay farmers. 

Turkey and stuffing, the centerpieces of many Thanksgiving tables, have the lowest farmer’s share of the food dollar of the group with just $0.03 and $0.02 of each dollar spent at retail making it back to growers. 

Included in the 2023 Thanksgiving Farmer’s Share numbers are:

  • Turkey, 11 lb frozen: Retail Price – $21.89, Farmer’s Share – $0.66/pound
  • Mashed Potatoes, 5lb bag: Retail Price – $3.99, Farmer’s Share – $0.64
  • Sweet Corn, 16oz frozen: Retail Price – $2.99, Farmer’s Share – $0.41
  • Stuffing, 12oz box: Retail Price – $3.99, Farmer’s Share – $0.09
  • Boneless Ham, 2lb: Retail Price – $12.98, Farmer’s Share – $1.32
  • Pumpkin Pie Filling, 15oz can: Retail Price – $1.79, Farmer’s Share – $0.16
  • Cranberries, 12oz: Retail Price – $2.99, Farmer’s Share – $0.29

NFU’s Fairness for Farmers campaign is working to solve the monopoly crisis in food and agriculture. Through stronger antitrust enforcement and greater transparency, we can increase the farmer’s share of the food dollar and bring fairness for farmers and consumers alike. 

Data for this publication was sourced from USDA NASS, and other industry sources. Click here for more information on the Farmer’s Share and to sign up for monthly updates. 

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